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About Us



Founded in 2001, Quantity Buy, LLC makes, sources locally and imports High Quality Gloves, Fur Accessories, Fur Garments, Fur Hats and Cashmere Items for distribution to customers in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, South America, etc. Located in New York City, we stay current with the market trends whilst maintaining close relationships with various manufacturing entities, independent furriers, furrier suppliers and importers.


FursNewYork Quantitybuy has many of the veteran furriers in New York's fur district as advisers and suppliers. We work with furriers on exclusive fur designs and products, with the goal of promoting New York’s fur district as an excellent place for manufacturing and distributing the best quality fur accessories as well as other fur products.


We base our business philosophy on honesty and integrity. All images are taken from the original products for sale. Customers’ requests, inquiries and suggestions are always welcome. Periodic changes and updates are made to our website to meet the changing needs and demands of today’s fur consumers. Customer satisfaction and confidence is our primary commitment. Our company sells new, fresh leather gloves, cashmere, fur accessories and related products with a low order defect rate We use better leather/fur and choose quality pieces for our customers We offer our customers a choice of colors and sizes for many items We are the leading seller of fur accessories on the internet from New York' s fur district and rated the top 25% among Amazon sellers in USA